gr.ClearButton and elem_id is not working

In my space my gr.ClearButton is not working. I am not understanding, how can I fix it? I have tried different solutions provided here but nothing is working for me. How can I make the gr.ClearButton working like a ‘clear’ button works in gr.Interface? I am also trying to add button styles using CSS. I am using elem_id, it is also not working after adding ID in my CSS file. Can anyone help me please?

My space link: Bangla PoS Taggers - a Hugging Face Space by musfiqdehan

Below is my code:

with gr.Blocks(css="styles.css") as demo:
    gr.HTML("<h1>Bangla PoS Taggers</h1>")
    gr.HTML("<p>Translate a sentence from Bangla to English and then tag the PoS of the translated sentence.</p>")

    with gr.Row():
        with gr.Column():
            inputs = [
                    label="Enter Bangla Sentence", 
                    placeholder="বাংলা বাক্য লিখুন"
                    choices=["Google", "BanglaNMT", "MyMemory"], 
                    label="Select a Translator", 
                    choices=["spaCy", "NLTK", "Flair", "TextBlob"], 
                    label="Select a PoS Tagger", 

            btn = gr.Button(value="Submit", elem_id="btn")
            btn_clear = gr.ClearButton(value="Clear")

        with gr.Column():
            outputs = [
                gr.Textbox(label="English Translation"), 
                RichTextbox(label="PoS Tags"),
                gr.Textbox(label="Overall PoS Tagging Accuracy")
            ], inputs, outputs), inputs=[], outputs=[])

        ["বাংলাদেশ দক্ষিণ এশিয়ার একটি সার্বভৌম রাষ্ট্র।"],
        ["বাংলাদেশের সংবিধানিক নাম কি?"],
        ["বাংলাদেশের সাংবিধানিক নাম গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ।"],
        ["তিনজনের কেউই বাবার পথ ধরে প্রযুক্তি দুনিয়ায় হাঁটেননি।"],
        ["বিশ্বের আরও একটি সেরা ক্লাব।"]

    ], inputs)

# Launch the Gradio app
if __name__ == "__main__":