Community Notebook Pull Request?

Hi all,

I’ve noticed a few posts about people attempting to train models using their own custom objective functions. Some of which involve generation. I’d love make a notebook that does all of this (including some pitfalls) and attach it to the community notebooks, but I’m not uber confident with how to properly go about a PR.

Could someone please talk me through the process?


Hi @chrisdoyleIE, this will be super useful. Once you are done creating the notebook , you can directly edit the file from github and make a PR.
Add relevant title, Description, Author (you) and colab link in the “Community notebooks” table. Or just let me know, and I will open it for you :slight_smile:


Perfect, thank you @valhalla :rocket:

I will get to it within two weeks after my deadlines settle down!

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Hey @valhalla , can’t we add anymore community notebooks?

Sure you can ! Now the table is moved to docs instead of github readme. So you’ll need to make a PR and add the notebook in the docs/source/ There’s a table for Community notebooks, just add an entry in it.

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Thank You, inspired by you, will be uploading how to do summarization using the Trainer API!

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