Configuring cloud storage for label studio, enable use of sqllite

I’m trying to configure a space that runs label studio and can persist data between space restarts.

When I run label studio on my own machine, it uses sqllite by default, which as my project is quite small is a good solution for (setup of a db like postgres seems like quite an overhead). It doesn’t seem possible from the label studio spaces documentation to use this option.

Annotated help page (Introduction to Label Studio in Hugging Face Spaces | Label Studio) below.

Attaching a Postgres database for permanent project configuration

To make your Label Studio Space durable to resets, you need to configure a connection to an external database. Label Studio supports Postgres as a network-attached database. Setup of Postgres is beyond this article’s scope, but several resources are available online to help you get started. To attach your Postgres database, configure the following secrets in your space configuration:


Is it possible to defne a secret that specifies use of the default sqllite DB option?

Attaching cloud storage for permanent data hosting

If you upload data files to your Label Studio Space instance, you risk losing the data when the space is restarted or reset. The Label Studio community strongly encourages you to use cloud storage to host your data for production environments.

If you’ve set up Postgres as your application database, you can attach storage to Label Studio from within the application, and the configuration settings will persist through space resets.

This seems like it is a requirement for me to use postgres before I can attach cloud storage. Is this correct?

If you want to attach cloud storage as part of the application launch, you can set the following secrets to connect the storage at launch.

I have configured the cloud storage secrets but I do not see any use of the specified cloud storage, I suppose because I do not opt to use Posgres.

Please could sqllite be used with cloud storage?

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Hey @nickynicolson!

Happy to announce that this has been resolved and we’ve got this across the line!

Check out this blog post hot off the press: Kickstart your Label Studio Annotation Project on Hugging Face Spaces | Label Studio

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