Connection timed out error

with gr.Blocks() as demo:
  with gr.Row():
    with gr.Column():
        file_input = gr.File(file_count="multiple", file_types=["text", ".json", ".csv", ".pdf"], type= 'binary')
        initiate_btn = gr.Button(value="Generate Embedding")

    with gr.Column():
        question = gr.Textbox(label="Question")
        question_btn = gr.Button(value="Question_btn")
        answer = gr.Textbox(label="answer"), inputs=file_input, api_name="embed-file"), inputs=question , outputs=answer, api_name="llm")

demo.launch(debug= True)

I have this code that is giving a connection timed-out error after I upload one single file.

hi @xelpmocAI
are you running this project on Spaces, would you mind sharing a public link?

Public Link -: Xelpmoc PT - a Hugging Face Space by xelpmocAI

Currently running on CPU but I want it to run on GPU. I tried running this on colab, it works there. But fails to work here.