"Error: Connection errored out" during processing


I have written a gradio app that processes videos. When launched in Colab (with CPU or GPU) it works, but when I host the app on Spaces, I have a “Connection errored out” error ~4 / 5 seconds after it starts to process the video.

In the forum, I saw similar problems being resolved by setting “cache_examples=False” but this option doesn’t seem to exist for gradio.Blocks

url of the Space: Slideshow Extraction - a Hugging Face Space by gigant


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The issue does not appear in Colab because it is linked to the queue that is enabled by default when running in Spaces.

Here is the associated issue to fix this bug: Using `gr.File` as an input fails with large files when the queue is activated · Issue #2700 · gradio-app/gradio · GitHub.
Fix is included in Gradio release 3.11.

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Updated requirements.txt to include gradio==3.11. Still getting the same error

to set a specific version, you need to set it like sdk_version: 3.11 in the readme file

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