Converting Test Case Description into Test case Steps

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for model or an approach which can help us converting a test case scenario description into testcase steps for Web Functional Testing. This will help an user to follow the instructions mentioned in the test steps in order to execute a testcase for the web.

For example:

Test Case:
Verify that Feature creation is available within Portfolio Items on Rally
Test Description: (Input)
I login to and enter username and password and click on submit button so that it takes me to the Dashboard page
I click on Epic Delivery and select Skynet
I click on Portfolio and select Portfolio Items so that Features table is displayed
No Test Steps Validation Steps
1 Login to
2 Enter Username
3 Enter Password
4 Click on submit button Dashboard Page is displayed
5 Click on Epic Delivery
6 Select Skynet
7 Click on Portfolio
8 Select Portfolio Items Features table is displayed

Please point me in some direction where I’ll be able to achieve some results.