Coreference Resolution


I’m quite familiar with the Huggingface ecosystem and I used it a lot.

However, I cannot find resources/models / tutorials for coreference resolution except for neuralcoref which last commit was years ago…

I also saw some models but there is not any clue on how to use them (I guess a TokenClassification Head ?)

Does anyone have any starting point for implementing a coreference resolution pipeline?
(I will start will neuralcoref if there is nothing better)

Thanks in advance for any help,
Have a great day.


I suggest to take a look at this repo: GitHub - mandarjoshi90/coref: BERT for Coreference Resolution

It includes multiple models (BERT, SpanBERT) fine-tuned on OntoNotes, an important benchmark for coreference resolution.

There’s also a demo notebook, showcasing how to run inference for a new piece of text to find all entity clusters.

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