NeuralCoreference and Spacy 3

Hello All, I am interested in NER and am employing spaCy together with huggingface neuralcoref plugin.

I am supposing that neuralcoref will help identify some ambiguity in reference with pronouns so that I can identify what is being said (adjectives, nouns) further down my spaCy pipeline.

My question:
(1) It seems that the neuralcoref is not as active as a topic/library as other tools from HF. Is there a reason for this? Has this feature been integrated in other places?

(2) Has anyone been able to integrate neuralcoref in spaCy 3 (nightly). I tried to install them together but was unable to because of dependency hell (i.e. thinc…) and required versions. I might need to hack neuralcoref into my spaCy3 pipeline via the REST http calls.

Thanks for your help., and thanks to HF for their great tools.

hi @gonzobrandon
The neuralcoref package is available here