Create my LLM model

Hello everyone, I am a beginner in the world of artificial intelligence, I am a full stack JS developer but this world escapes me. I searched a little on the net how to train your model on data, I understand more or less how to do it I know there are modules like Tensorflow, Transformer BERT to use. I would like to know more about all this, how to use it properly, my goal would be to train my model on data like text for example a story and then so that I can ask random questions and it answers me.

To get started in the world of artificial intelligence in JavaScript, you should explore the TensorFlow.js library. It provides tools for creating and training models directly in the browser. To work with text, you can study natural language processing (NLP) methods. For example, transformers such as BERT are powerful models for text processing tasks. Start by learning the basic concepts of machine learning and deep learning, then move on to practical examples with TensorFlow.js.