Dataloader time problem on custom dataset based on huggingface

class SQUAD(Dataset):
    def __init__(self):
        # Load our training dataset and tokenizer
        self.dataset = load_dataset("squad", split="train")
        self.encoded_context =
            convert_to_features_context, batched=True
        #self.dataset = self.dataset.flatten()
        self.encoded_question =
            convert_to_features_question, batched=True
        # Format our dataset to outputs torch.Tensor to train a pytorch model
        columns = ["input_ids", "start_positions", "end_positions"]
        self.encoded_context.set_format(type="torch", columns=columns)
        self.encoded_question.set_format(type="torch", columns=["input_ids"])
        self.length = len(self.encoded_context["input_ids"])

    def __len__(self):
        return self.length

    def __getitem__(self, idx):
        t1 = time.time()
        input_ids_context = self.encoded_context["input_ids"]
        print("context", time.time() - t1)   # 0.38
        t2 = time.time()
        input_ids_question = self.encoded_question["input_ids"][idx]
        print("question", time.time() - t2) #0.40

        t3 = time.time()
        input_ids_start_positions = self.encoded_context["start_positions"][idx]
        print("start", time.time() - t3)  #0.40
        t4 = time.time()
        input_ids_end_positions = self.encoded_context["end_positions"][idx]
        print("end", time.time() - t4)   #0.68
        return (
train_dataset = SQUAD()
dataloader =, batch_size=20)
for batch in dataloader:

I made my own custom dataset class and brought Squad datasets from huggingface.
The problem was it takes too much time to do ‘getitem’ function.

To fetch each data takes about 0.5 sec on average
If I set batch size =20, it takes 0.5 * 4 * 20 = 40 sec. (since getitem returns 4 data)

It looks totally wrong.

I think using huggingface dataset and custom datasets together might cause this problem.
Either way, querying one of the columns from the large dataset, Squad, might take too much time.

How can I fix it??

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Hi! Each call to self.encoded_context[col_name][idx] brings the entire column data in memory first hence the bad performance (we plan to make this faster; see Add some iteration method on a dataset column (specific for inference) · Issue #4180 · huggingface/datasets · GitHub) . Instead you should use self.encoded_context[idx][col_name] to access the data.


For some reason, the account that I made this topic cannot be accessed
That’s why I replied to another account.

Thanks a lot!

It works now :slight_smile: