DataLore โ€” ImportError: cannot import name 'FLAX_WEIGHTS_NAME'

Hi guys! I work in DataLore, a service for jupiter notebooks like Colab. I try to import DDPMScheduler, UNet2DModel from diffusers and receive this error:

ImportError: cannot import name 'FLAX_WEIGHTS_NAME' from 'transformers.utils' (/opt/python/envs/default/lib/python3.8/site-packages/transformers/utils/

Btw, in Colab it works fine. How to fix this in DataLore?

Hi @chudotony, Iโ€™m not familiar with DataLore unfortunately. Would it be possible for you to upgrade transformers to the latest version?

Hi, I updated from 4.14 to 4.28 and now it works! Thanks!