Dataset page won't load

Issue: My dataset page wont load

Dataset page link:

I’m new so this is probably an issue on my end, but I’d love if someone could help. The dataset is public and I’m able to download and use it, it is just the webpage that shows up blank. I find this weird because the html is downloaded and contains the necessary markup (checked in the network tab). No errors show up in the console and I’ve checked this on multiple devices on multiple browsers from multiple networks. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

do you still have the issue? If so, what is your setup (OS, browser)? I cannot reproduce.

No, I just fixed it an hour ago. It was an issue with the Datasetviewer. I initially created the repo manually and not with push_to_hub and must’ve missed adding necessary metadata. I created another repo with push_to_hub, waited until hf’s bots added the necessary metadata and copied the Datasetviewer’s config from the readme to this one. Thanks for trying to help!

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