Help loading a dataset that I pushed to hub

I’m having issues loading a dataset I just pushed to hub. This is the dataset:

I’m using

from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("jjovalle99/amazon_reviews_datathon_2023")

but it does not work.

I can’t access it on Is it private? In this case, you need to pass a token:

I have the same issue. If I make the dataset public it is loading without any problems but as soon as I put it private I get the following error message:

Using hf login function or passing a token to the load_dataset function does not seem to help ((

dataset = load_dataset('my_user/my_dataset', token=HF_TOKEN)

So far I didn’t find any solution.

It seems to be bugged. Sometimes I can access it without any issues when using from huggingface_hub import login. However when it fails I have to restart kernel and then it works. I have had no luck with this using token.

Hi! We’ve published a patch release to fix the issue with token not being considered, so please update your datasets installations.