Diffusion models and inference API not working

**see site model demos not working **
Also unable to access models with inference API…

I’ve tried across multiple devices and WiFi networks with no fix…

This issue is only really with models that have to do with image, especially any that use stable diffusion. It just loads for a few seconds then stays stuck on the following progress soft 15 minutes until it times out :(.

Any updates?

Hey @jetpackjules sorry about that! It’s working for me when I’m trying right now.

Unfortunately I’m not too sure how to debug on your side. Could you try again and if it’s still not working I could circle in someone from the hub team?

It works now for me too. Seems like for a weekend all the diffusers were down.

Great! Sorry about that :confused:

Wait nevermind it’s happening again :frowning: :pensive: