Does Huggingface have Customer Service, or Technical Support?

20 hrs. after posting an issue on this forum, it remains unaddressed, and unresolved.

I can’t rely on forum volunteers to solve problems, so I’m looking to talk to a person who get’s a paycheck from Huggingface if anybody has the number.

What is the telephone number for Huggingface Customer Service?

You are using a free product and are seeking free help. I suggest a bit more patience and a more gentle tone if you want such help :slight_smile:

Hello forum moderator!
I hope you are having a tip-top day!

I’m certainly not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I am not looking for free help.
On the contrary, I am simply trying to contact the people who work for Huggingface about business things.

If you could kindly pass along the telephone number to Huggingface Customer Service or Technical Support, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Well Forum Moderator @sgugger, I tried your suggestion of a “gentle tone” and that didn’t seem to fix the bug in Huggingface Spaces, or manifest a Telephone Number to someone who could fix it.

I really thought that was going to work too!

It’s ok though! I found that the Investors of Huggingface do have Customer Service Numbers, and they are helping to get this problem resolved!

Thanks again!