Doubt about possibility of releasing the dataset

Hi! I’m working/creating a vision dataset of medical images (cytology) and will release a new version in ~3 months. But i need to publish the “official” dataset at mendeley data because it’s an academic work. So, i want to know if i also can share this dataset at hugging faces datasets? (By part of mendelay data, i know that doesn’t have a problem)

Hi ! yes definitely :slight_smile:

It’s actually pretty common for researchers to host their data elsewhere than Hugging Face, and still, it’s possible to have a Hugging Face dataset that downloads from this other host (mendeley for example)

For example web_of_science is hosted on mendeley (see the download defined in the dataset script here: · web_of_science at main) and you can load it in python with load_dataset

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Ok, thanks for the answer, and also for the example!