Downloading community datasets

Hi all, I seem to be having issues downloading community datasets in :hugs: Datasets, I’ve seen in the docs that community datasets are marked as unsafe by default and we must inspect and opt-in to download the datasets, how can I do this?

For example, there is the dataset I’m wanting to download, ashraq/dhivehi-corpus, if I try to download:

import datasets

dv = datasets.load_dataset('ashraq/dhivehi-corpus')

I return a FileNotFoundError, which I assume to be because I haven’t opted in to using community datasets?


Edit: maybe this is because there is no dataset loading script?

Seems that this is a non-problem, it was because the dataset mentioned had no download script - and the author of the dataset has now fixed this too.

Hi ! indeed if the dataset repository was empty it must have returned a FileNotFoundError.
Now that it has a dataset script it should work just fine :slight_smile:

Note that you can check the code that the dataset script runs here: · ashraq/dhivehi-corpus at main