Earning money online from a sanctioned country like Iran

hey howdy everyone, i am Alireza, 35 yrs old and i’m from Iran. I want to participate in online survey websites and earn some money but there is always a problem. whether the payment method does not encompass the users from iran e. g. paypal which has imposed sanction on iran, payoneer is also banned, what else is there? wire transfer that most sites do not support. or sometimes the surveys just don’t open only because i’m from iran. besides, i have generated about 1000 ai art text to image generation , vey cool stuff, i just can’t get to sell them for a few dollars because of the same reason! you have no idea how hard it is to be an Iranian in this world. can someone help or guide me? i will really appreciate that. best luck everyone

shadid Darket Mikonam DASH :slight_smile: