Efficient App development

I’m looking for advice on setting up an efficient development and test environment for apps in Spaces?

So far, I’ve created my first space, a private clone of @multimodalart StableCascade demo, and made a few simple changes directly in the repo.

I’m finding it slow going because each restart takes several minutes to compile and load to an A10G. I understand that may be unavoidable when I actually want to generate images, but much the work is tweaking UI layout, file management, and other grunt stuff where all I’m after is does it work and look right.

Ideally, I’d like to work on my laptop in VSCode, test as much as possible locally, then push the changes back to my Spaces repo when I want to try the whole thing out. So my specific questions are:

  1. How do I run and debug the Gradio code locally, perhaps with the image generation mocked?
  2. How do I authenticate when pushing code updates?