Let me speed up your Spaces

I’m one of the developers working on Shiny for Python and I’m looking to deploy a few example Shiny applications to HF Spaces. One of the great things about Shiny is that it has a clever execution engine which means that it only re-renders the components which need to be updated instead of re-running the whole app every time an input changes. This can lead to substantial performance gains over other frameworks.

So my question do you have any examples of slow Streamlit or Gradio apps which I could try reworking in Shiny?

Hey, I love Shiny but just to let you know that’s exactly how Gradio works as well. It only updates the components that have changed and never reruns the whole application.

(I’m one of the Gradio devs).

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Thanks so much for the clarification, I was mostly thinking of Streamlit there but I see that that’s not at all clear when I reread my post.

Are there docs anywhere on Gradio’s execution process? I get a lot of questions about how Shiny compares to various other frameworks and want to make sure I’m not misrepresenting anything.