Encountering issues using camemBERT with rasa

in the Rasa forum there is some developer who succeeded using CamemBERT
here is the example RASA and camemBERT - #3 by Zoukero - Rasa Open Source - Rasa Community Forum

unfortunately while trying their solution I get this error

ImportError: cannot import name ‘modeling_tf_camembert’ from ‘transformers’ (unknown location)

any help/advice will be much appreciated
Thanks :slight_smile:

This must have been with a Transformers version < 4.0.0. You should just do from transformers.models.camembert import modeling_tf_camembert now.

I then got this

AttributeError: module ‘transformers.models.camembert.modeling_tf_camembert’ has no attribute ‘TF_CAMEMBERT_PRETRAINED_MODEL_ARCHIVE_MAP’

@sgugger do you think I should downgrade the Transformers version?