Error generating DOI


I have generated a DOI with Hugging Face, but in spite of putting in the load script the citation, it has not generate the correct data. How could I modify it?

Thank you very much.

You should be able to re-generate it as explained in the docs here: Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Thanks @mariosasko!

But… If I do that, I will get the same result. I want to know how to indicate, for example, the correct author for the DOI to generate it accurate.


This is currently not possible. We have an issue open for this feature here.

Ok, thank you very much, I have already seen that you have added my request in the issue.

And while it’s being fixed, is there any way to disable the repository DOI? It doesn’t seem right to me that the data is incorrect. maybe writing to support?

You can email to request the DOI removal (as explained here)

Hello again @mariosasko,

Thank you very much! I hadn’t noticed that email in the documentation.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Best regards.