Every space based on meditron-70b gives this same error!

I am trying to get more familar with meditron-70b model.


I had thought/hoped that I can try it by clicking on

Spaces using epfl-llm/meditron-70b

but when I try any of them I always get the following error:


Could not complete request to HuggingFace API, Status Code: 404, Error: Model meta-llama/Llama-2-70b does not exist

I am new to huggingface though I have run LLAMA-2-70b (on which meditron is based) a great deal via python API on replicate.com. I tried
to run this model on replicate.com, but I got a KeyError for “llama”. (

Thus I was hoping the spaces on huggiing face would be a way I can at least try out the model even if interactively, but I get the error above.

Any help or hints will be appreciated.

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