Feature request for the forum

Please use this topic to group the feature requests for the forum.

Reward users that contribute to the hub with a better trust level

Discourse works with a trust-level system to reward users that engage the most with the community. Since users are shared with the model hub, it would be great to automatically reward users that post models with a better trust level.

We could think of something like:

  • users that posted one model are automatically at trust-level 1 on the forums
  • users that posted five models are automatically at trust-level 2
  • users that posted ten models are automatically at trust-level 3

There’s also a GitHub plugin to Discourse that we could maybe investigate at some point.



Thanks for this forum.
A question: how to change the username in https://huggingface.co?

I ask this question because the username in the forum is that of this site and so, to change it in the forum, I needed to change it there.

However, as I did not find a way to change it in https://huggingface.co/, I had to create a new account (by the way, it would be great if HF deleted my old one that I renamed “delete this account please”).

I guess it has (or it could have) a simpler way, right?