The fin-eng-dataset contains over 9000 individual Finnish words with their English translations.

Since some of the words are names of places, people, etc., the exact number of Finnish words is unknown.

Part of the data includes a list of Finnish words along with their English translations. However, the majority of the data consists of Finnish sentences, questions, statements, etc., that have been translated into English. The data begins with a list of the thousand most common Finnish words with their translations. Following that are sentences, including quotes from Martti Ahtisaari, Public Domain books like “Open Life,” Maila Talvio’s “The Destruction of Dark Cabin,” as well as sentences from free novellas “Midsummer Gift for Readers” and “Erotic Novella: Towards Malaysia.”

In addition, sentences, quotes from movies, basic sentences produced by artificial intelligence, personal messages, etc., have been added, totaling over a thousand entries. Random paragraphs from Finnish Wikipedia’s “random article” have also been included. The work is intended to continue for now .

Updated version. Around 15K different words and a couple of thousands of sentences, paragraphs, quots, questions and answers.

Updated 19th September 2023

New version. Over 20K unique words and several thousands of sentences/paragraphs fin-eng versions.

Updated 29th October 2023

New version. Covers around 30K individual words and around 10K sentences, phrases etc.