Find models by size

How can I find a model for text classification by size? I need a model for text classification with size around 10M params. I found model with 4.39M params and want to increase this value for my research, but I really cannot find more (I saw 67M+ or something like this, but I want 8-20M for example). I used full text search but it works bad because it gives me a lot of results for different tasks and it even harder to find specific size.

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This has been a feature request but isn’t available yet: Add sorting option by model size [New Feature Proposal] - #5 by dolo650.

Maybe you can achieve this on Open LLM Leaderboard - a Hugging Face Space by HuggingFaceH4
Select column #Params (B) to be shown, order by it and find the desired range.

Try searching GitHub and other code storage platforms such as GitLab and Bitbucket. Many researchers and developers post their models and codes for text classification. You can use filters to search for models of a certain size.