FlaxStableDiffusionPipeline no longer working? no attribute '_parsed_pspec'

AttributeError: ‘UnspecifiedValue’ object has no attribute ‘_parsed_pspec’

during the following line

pipeline, params = FlaxStableDiffusionPipeline.from_pretrained(

I started with the the colab from this article “:firecracker: Stable Diffusion in JAX / Flax !”.

I was able to eventually resolve my error by narrowing in on specific versions of the dependencies that work together. Here are the versions that I found that resolve the jaxlib and _parsed_pspec error.

!pip install orbax==0.1.2
!pip install jax==0.3.25
!pip install jaxlib==0.3.25
!pip install flax==0.6.3
!pip install transformers==4.26.0
!pip install diffusers==0.13.1