Gallery or Image: Load 20-30 images with "flagging" function enabled per each image, with faster speed

Hi, community members, I need your help & advices.

I’d like to build simple “Image Browser” -like app that loads 20-30 images and shows them, with flagging/favorite button for each image.

But both Gallery and Image component don’t seem to satisfy my needs fully as below.

(a) When I use Gallery component, loading speed is satisfactorily fast (around 1-2 seconds), but it doesn’t seem to provide flagging (or calling a funcion) capability per image. Flagging (or calling a function) seems to happen for all the images loaded.

(b) When I use 20-30 Image components with Row and Column, I can set a flagging button (or a button block with calling a certain function) for each image, but the loading takes time (6-12 seconds).

Do you know any tips how to achieve all the demands?
Maybe, it’s just that I haven’t found a way to set a button per image with Gallerly component yet.
Or, maybe, I can use batch or parallel type of funcions with 20-30 Image components, so that first lines of images show up faster, while I can relaxedly wait for other images to show up.