Reactive Interfaces, An Image Button, Gallery Component

Lately I discovered the Gallery ui component which is pretty marvelous with its ability to go into preview mode when you select an image then shows a scroll bar with clickable image buttons.

Demo: Gradio Gallery Health Medical Icon Sets - a Hugging Face Space by awacke1

I did have a few feature requests which I am curious if it exists already and I don’t know about it, or if you have a wish list we could add these to?

  1. mermaid like pygraphviz can be used in Markdown MD files in github to do small interactive models. Can you do something like that? I know about lottie animations and the like but was curious about mermaid specifically where an AI could generate the markdown language to create data orr ai analysis based models.

  2. The infamous image button back in Visual Basic days was often the most popular control. Is there an equivalent that you could point me to which might work well in a real time live mode?

  3. Image regions in sprites allow you to numerically index coordinates, length and height. I’d like to use something like for image buttons in gradio. Sample source image:

  4. For real time analysis I have been liking the dataframe, the highlighted text, etc controls in gradio which are quite refined. With streamlit they are using a ccomponent based platfform where you can compose sub documents that feature clips of HTML5 plus javascript for interactivity. Is there any plan to add something similar which might allow real time series visualization? UI prototype shown below for something I’d find super useful and would put gradio on top of the world as best real time AI data visualization tool:

Thanks for your consideration and for all the awesome work you are doing on making HF the best site ever for AI, models, datasets, and AI/UI/UX experience for advanced modular and distributed API based applications.