Gradio chatbot color_map doesn't set color of chat boxes when running on HuggingFace

Hi all,
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I’m having issues using the Gradio chatbot color_map variable on hugging face. I’m using the same code when running locally and on HuggingFace, however, in both circumstances my web-app acts differently. When running locally my chatbot message box colors update as I would expect, however, when running on HuggingFace it appears that the colors are not set at all and the chatbot text bubbles become white. If I do not use the color_map variable then the text boxes remain as their default orange and grey.

chatbot = gr.Chatbot(value=chat_history, label="Watchtower Output").style(color_map=["blue","grey"])

Output seen when running on HuggingFacec (with text highlighted):

Any help in identifying why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.

After some playing around with this, this came down to being on an older version of the Gradio SDK, upgrading to version 3.9 fixed the issue.