Gradio spaces app ConnectTimeoutError

Hi, my gradio app is working well locally but not when deployed on spaces. I got a ConnectTimeoutError:

It seems like It can not connect to our model server, which connects to the internet normally. I don’t know whether I set the launch configuration right. I have tried launch() or launch(debug=True, server_name='', server_port=7860), but none of this worked.
Can someone help me fix this. I appreciate your feedbacks.

Hi @lykeven - requests to ports other than 80, 443 and 8080 are blocked (Spaces Overview) in spaces

@freddyaboulton Thanks for your kind response. Although I find that change port to 80 or 8080 didn’t work either.
The gradio app report Permission denied when I use 80:

And the app keep building all the time when I use 8080.

ohh,I get this. It means our model server should open the http port 8080 other than space gradio port.