Gradio spaces app error

Hi, our gradio app is working locally but not when deployed on spaces. We got a Gradio error instead of regulard output.
The log files of the app looks ok as the last logger info message is the last one from the application perspective.
Any tips to troubleshoot further what could be the error ?
The spaces is the following:

I appreciate your feedbacks.

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Gradio launch has a parameter enable_queue which is False by default. When the inference time is over a minute, it will timeout which is what I think is going on with this Space. You can set it to True.

You can find more at

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Hi osanseviero, thanks for your feedback. I updated the launch code as you said but still get the time out.
I can however successfully run the app when using shorter video that allows inference time to be less than 1 minute.
Any idea why launch(debug=True,enable_queue=True) looks not to apply ?
I appreciate your feedback.

Looks to be working now. Maybe the option took some time to propagate.
Thanks for the heads up!