Help building a mtg model

I’m currently working on a project to develop an MTG chatbot and I could really use some insights from the community.

The plan is to integrate real-time data from into the chatbot’s database, programming it to display expertise in various aspects of the game, such as mechanics, deck optimizations, counter cards, and sideboards, all based on the data from MTGJSON. Additionally, I want to incorporate mana-casting guidance from How Many Sources Do You Need to Consistently Cast Your Spells? A 2022 Update on CFB into the system.

The ultimate goal is to train a model on this data, build a website for the community, and provide a platform where players can get personalized advice and strategic insights.

However, I am just beginning this journey and would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or resources that you think could help me get started. Whether it’s technical aspects, strategic insights about MTG, or your experiences with similar projects, I’d be thankful for any guidance you could provide.

Thanks in advance!