HF hub: private models/datasets

Hi - I’m considering using the HF hub to store our team’s models/datasets all set to private but I have a few questions that I couldn’t find answers to:

  1. Is there a storage limit for privately hosted models/datasets (assuming we follow the <5GB chunk size recommendation)
  2. …or a threshold above which the storage stops being free?
  3. How (if at all) does this usage pattern differ to use of the PrivateHub described here: Introducing the Private Hub: A New Way to Build With Machine Learning

For context - we intend to make a subset of these models/datasets public but we aren’t ready to do that yet

Thanks in advance!

Hi. There is no limit or charge related to the size of private or public repos. Look at Repository limitations and recommendations for more details.

Point 3. The Private Hub is now called Enterprise Hub. The details of the plan are here: Enterprise Hub - Hugging Face. The Pricing page compares the plans.

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