Hi why its not working?


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Please help with this :frowning:

You can replace the above url with this one

It is currently working fine!

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hello, I’m sorry, please, I’m not good at this, help me understand how can I find where to change this link, please :pray:

Чт, 24 авг. 2023 г. в 14:44, Dev via Hugging Face Forums <notifications@hellohellohello.discoursemail.com>:

You have to make changes to this file: roop\processors\frame\face_swapper.py

If you area not sure how to do it then follow this:

  • Go inside the folder where you have cloned the “roop” github repo.
  • There you will find another folder named “roop”, go inside it
  • then go to folder named “processors” and then to “frame”

Inside frame folder, right click on “face_swapper.py” file and edit it

in the code, search for the above url you provided [ [https://huggingface.co/deepinsight/inswapper/resolve/main/inswapper_128.onnx]

And replace it with this url [ https://huggingface.co/ezioruan/inswapper_128.onnx/resolve/main/inswapper_128.onnx ]

Now run this command: python run.py

And done, it will be up and running

I am very grateful for your answer :pray:

you need to do it all in google collab?

Чт, 24 авг. 2023 г. в 15:13, Dev via Hugging Face Forums <notifications@hellohellohello.discoursemail.com>:

I think I understand I need to go to this link and make changes in the gitHUB itself

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