Managing spaces with GitHub actions

Git LFS upload failed:
  (missing) onnx_models/membrane_segmentor.onnx (f6db9b34b3038e13b9f4c98323c81ee44986d2fa0d7744988fb65c0dc8a99a8c)
hint: Your push was rejected due to missing or corrupt local objects.
hint: You can disable this check with: `git config lfs.allowincompletepush true`
error: failed to push some refs to ''

this is following error when I try to push my code from GitHub to hugging face through workflow

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Cc @nateraw perhaps

hi @julien-c this issue was solved via our channel in Discord, @sushmanth please send us your solution here. Thanks

@julien-c there is lot of incomplete documentation for Managing Spaces with Github Actions this need to be updated, lot of Open-source organization are opting hugging face for deploying there model in hugging face spaces …for example DEVOWORM the organization ,which I was working for has opted to share there model in hugging face…But most of these type of works are done by people ,who are new to open source ,I have created the web app within a day, but creating workflow for that almost took me two weeks…The documentation is incomplete and need to be corrected asap and resources for this are very less on internet ,I have complete done a course on yml and workflow then I have understood ,how everything is working …Pls some one just help me with this documentation work… @radames …the pr which have been implemented is correct but , it throws error due to gitattributes files commit and solution for these need to be updated in docs…someone pls help me out…