Higer Education Pricing

I’m teaching with HuggingFace package/materials in the University of Arkansas. I would like find out the price for my students in the class to use your service. The university may provide us some financial support. Please send me an email, xzhang@walton.uark.edu

Hello @xzhanguark all of our educational materials at Hugging Face are open-source and hence free to use :slight_smile:

If you would like someone from the team to present at your university, we’re currently running a “world tour” the is focused on building ML collaboratively. Feel free to sign up if that sounds interesting to your students!

Thank you, @lewtun
I would like to use your paid service as well. The free quota is not quite enough for us. Our IT is asking for a quote. Please see if we can work something out. Please let me know how.