How do I display my model's training metrics in Spaces

I would like to display training metrics data in a Hugging Face Spaces app, how do I do so?

Here’s a model that I trained already: Intradiction/text_classification_NoLORA at main

And here’s a Spaces app I have already:

Hi @Intradiction, would you like to share this data on your Streamlit app? If so, you can fetch data from your training runs at Intradiction/text_classification_NoLORA at main and display it the way you want on your Space app.

ps. we have tensorboard viewer running on the dataset Intradiction/text_classification_NoLORA · Training metrics

Hi, yes I would like to display this data on my streamlit app. How exactly do I fetch the data from there, is there an api for it? @radames