How should a Absolute Beginners Start learning ML/LLM in 2024

I’ve Been procrastinating until the new year to begin my 2nd life. Assuming someone is a complete beginner, what would be the correct path to understanding the concepts, the methods and practices to start for those fearful of failing and even Ai? any links, courses, pioneers to follow and learn from. Free. Paid content separately.


Personally I recommend the cs231n course by Karpathy. It teaches you all the fundamentals you need for deep learning, as you learn how to implement and train neural networks using nothing but NumPy. It teaches you how frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch work.

You can find all his lectures on YouTube. Assignments are in Python, for which solutions can be found on Github.

In case you want to learn only Hugging Face tooling, then I’d recommend Hugging Face - Learn.


For LLMs, start with understanding how models like GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) work.

Apply your knowledge to real-world datasets. Participate in competitions on platforms like Kaggle.

Experiment with simple ML projects using libraries like scikit-learn in Python. Jupyter Notebooks are a great tool for such experiments.

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