Getting started with ML

Hi everyone,

Looking at the rest of the topics in the beginners section, I’ll probably sound like and ultra noob, but I’m interested in getting into ML. Rather as a hobby at this point.

Tiny bit about myself: in my thirties, a bit geeky and the “local tech guy” at home and work (I work in finance). Obviously interested in AI, I used to hack and jailbreak consoles, phones etc. have played with some Linux distros, but generally don’t know any python etc.

The question is where do I start to dig a bit deeper in this world? I was able to use the Google colab space to run a couple of demos posted here, so maybe I’m not a completely clueless chicken running around blind. Are there good courses to start for beginners on machine learning? Udemy works good for me as I have free access through my employer.

I’d be grateful if any of yas find a couple of minutes to nudge me in the right direction. I did some research online already, but would appreciate input from someone who’s been through this route already.

Cheers, Jacek