Should I Be Here?

I am a new user with a above average IQ, some linux experience, limited programming experience, and limited compiling experience, and no machine learning experience.

I want to learn about machine language models to help me with writing. I know ChatGPT is an easy option, but I don’t like that ChatGPT filters out objectionable or controversial content.

Where do I start? Is this a good website for me? It’s popped up in my searches several times.

I would also like to learn how to use machine learning to do various things I do at work. Some of it is boring, but also specialized, despite not being that high skill. I don’t even know how to train anything yet.

I also don’t know anything about machine learning. I can’t ask my work to let me spend some of my time on it with no understanding at all. I don’t have time to get a machine learning degree. Can I self teach myself?

I have written programs before.

I am coming into this with zero knowledge of anything.

What should I start with? Is there stuff here to learn?

Colab was a pain in the ass when I tried it before and it kept thinking I was a bot when I ran tasks for a long time, then kicked me off colab and blocked my google account as fraudulent, which was devastating because I used my real name, Frederiqua Psuedolicious, and I may be blocked from google forever as a result.

Is paying for GPU access expensive? Should I just buy my own GPUs?

Is this something I can do casually while working or will this take up all my time?

I also don’t even understand how training works. If I train a LLM, does the training become something I own apart from the open source files? Can I train a LLM for specific things? What is the best way to quickly learn this?

Also, when you say “programmatically curating data” I have no concept of what that means.

I don’t know much but I at least have gpt4all and have messed with other repos that use its python module, so I don’t know much, but…

I bought a 900 refurb PC that can work as a chatbot. Main thing I went for is Intel i7 or higher, Nvidia RTX works well with Intel (and I game some so it has good pixel quality) and at least 16 GB of RAM, but honestly I got 32 and I’m glad I did, like way glad. Also, SSD tossing 500 MB/s around during indexing / answering.

So there’s the hardware way, still slower than ChatGPT tho, by like a minute. Also, dumber, unless you smarten it with ingested data, but then that increases processing time if you make it really precise. Haven’t gotten GPU working yet for custom models in gpt4all yet, though. That likely would improve performance from 30-50% from stuff I’ve read, depending on settings.

Don’t know about cloud rental, that’s obviously a service and I just imagine like the learning curve for that as there are for the hardware way.

Also, ML is statistical based and I have the advantage (or inefficiency) of playing with some honestly hard statistics-based programs before now, so I don’t expect interpretating the lingo will be super hard. Not sure if I would curate data, though, maybe mess with transformers more, if anything.

What you should do depends on what you’re naturally good at, or willing and allowed to improve, hope this fills some gaps kinda spotty like.