How to avoid `trust_remote_code=True` for my models

Hey , one of my orpo tuned model needs trust_remote_code=True , due to which i cannot submit to the leaderboards … what’s responsible for this and how can i omit this dependency … my model has 2 safe-tensors and no python script explicitly in the repo

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The trust_remote_code=True flag is used for models whose code lives on the hub rather than natively in the Transformers library.

Models with that flag are created based on this guide: Building custom models

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is there anyway i can fix it?
I used the same training script to train llama-orpo which is fine but for training phi3-orpo, it created this dependency.

For that, Phi-3 would need to be integrated natively in the Transformers library.

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Update, Phi-3 is now in Transformers as of version 4.40.