How to become involved in the community?

Hello! I am sure this is a widely asked question but I would appreciate some insight! I am a developer coming from using GPT-3, and I have some understanding of transformer models and such. I work with CV and NLP, and wanted to look into HuggingFace as I have heard it’s name everywhere.

I am looking to develop my own NLP and CV Models using HuggingFace’s datasets. How can I become involved in learning about HuggingFace so I may utilize it in my workflow?

Thanks for your time,

Hey, welcome to HuggingFace. If you want to learn the best way is to go through the course (rather short, but provide ample knowledge) - Transformer models - Hugging Face Course and if you got doubts ask them on the Forum.

Join the discord for discussions, interaction with the community and much more.
Have a good day!

Thanks for the recommendation!
I see the article is meant for DL users. Should I study DL before getting into HuggingFace and transformer models?

yea, having a basic understanding of NLP and DL is quite important for understanding the internals of what you are doing plus in case you make a mistake in your code, logic-wise, it is easier to understand the mistake if you have an idea of ML and NLP. you’ll find plenty of resources on these on the internet.