How to build email subject, body generations like chatGPT


I am new to the AI, Huggingface. Both.

I have a usecase where the end user will give context. Example: “Iron per kg cant be sold less than 150$. But if you sign 10y contract then we can agree to 140$” based on this the AI has to generate an email and email body in positive and passive tone.

The AI has to …

  1. auto-generate the 3 email bodies and 3-subjects (like chat gpt. screenshot below). and show the response on UI (ignore the UI part)
  2. The end user selects one of the emails generated, edits etc. The edited email should goback to the AI model to train itself and improve itself.

Its better to get response in 3-4 sec. I cant use Chat GPT.

I tried: HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-7b-alpha → but the model was taking 20GB swap space and 10GB RAM to load and get stuck. Moreover, I don’t know how to train this model.

ANy upates? is this the wrong question to ask?