How to create a custom dataset that has 3D meshes and share it?

I’m new to the hugging face, and I wanted to learn about sharing a dataset / model to the community hub, but on a 3D dataset, specifically the ModelNet10 small-dataset and the VoxNet model.

The documentation on creating datasets only mentions using:

  • Image / Audio Folders for creating image / audio datasets
  • Loading scripts for text / audio / image datasets.

In my case, the dataset files are .off files, and they are processed using the trimesh library. I have the code for the model and the dataset ready. So, if I cannot use the ImageFolder / AudioFolder etc, how do I go about creating and sharing the model ?

This is meant to be a learning exercise for me in figuring out how to contribute to the hugging face hub, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can pass a generator to Dataset.from_generator that yields (trimesh) dictionaries and then push this dataset to the Hub with Dataset.push_to_hub.