How to enable use of all cpu cores?

I currently have stable-diffusion-cpuonly version installed with learning pack 1.5 and have been noticing that it only uses at most 40%~ of the cpu and around 8-12gig of ram.

This system has 48 cores at 2.6ghz, 64gig ddr4 ecc ram,geforce 980GTX 4GB

Is there a way to configure this to use all cpu cores, or use n cores?

I have the same problem. Have you found a solution?

I have yet to figure it out I dont see anything in the code about cores or stuff, makes me wonder if the process itself isnt that parallelize-able or something. Out of 48 cores I use about 40% which is around 20 cores. So I dont think its a hyper threading issue or it would be capping out at 24 cores id assume. I assume not as many people are doing this as I would think. I have no serious reason to use this program mostly just experimenting and trying different stuff with txt2img and img2img, would be sweet to get it to use 100% though, perhaps somone more versed in it will chime in at some point ill keep watch on this thread.