How to find the doc - and especially example code - for previous versions?


Please let me explain the context of my question. I am a beginner and in the last 2 days have opened two issues that - after I got good answers from you - seem to involve the fact that I installed Transformers 3.5.1 but then tried to run examples from the 4.0.0 documentation.

I am trying to find a URL that would show me the 3.5.1 documentation, until you great gals and guys stabilize the 4.0.0 version, so I can copy-paste examples from the stable version.

For reference, here are the two issues I opened (but the question is a general one):

The question-answering example in the doc throws an AttributeError exception. Please help - Hugging Face Forums

Pipeline example in the doc throws an error (question-answering) - Beginners - Hugging Face Forums

Thanks. I really appreciate the fact that you answered those two questions so rapidly. It seems like a good community to join.:smiley:

Try this

(If you are in 4.0 docs, and you click the triangle just under the hugginface icon top left of screen, you can pick any version from a list).