How to Implement Quick Suggestion Feature in Gradio for Text Input?

I am currently working with the Gradio framework to create an interactive interface. I am looking to implement the following feature: when a user inputs specific characters or a string into a text box, I want the system to automatically pop up a suggestion box containing predefined phrases. Users should be able to click on these phrases to quickly insert them into the text box, saving them time on manual input.

This functionality is similar to auto-suggestions or auto-completion features found in some input boxes. However, the key difference is that the content within the suggestion box is predetermined, and users can select it with a simple click. I believe this would significantly enhance the user’s interactive experience.

I’ve gone through Gradio’s documentation, but I haven’t yet found a method for implementing this quick suggestion feature. I’m wondering if there is a built-in way, sample code, or relevant documentation links that can help me achieve this functionality within Gradio.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, sample code, or available resources. Thank you!