How to Inpaint with Stable Diffusion 3 Medium?

I need an inpaint model, to ‘guess’ what should be in the dark box on the image.

I found a model runwayml/stable-diffusion-inpainting and as I understood it was fine-tuned for inpaint task. But I guess SD3 would generate better results than old models.

I wonder how to use sd3 for inpaint task ? And if there is any way to fine-tune it in case of bad results but better than sd-inpainting model ?

I was looking for similar information at internet but found only guides how to use pretrained inpainting models.

do you get the model? I also want to get sd3 for inpaint model

Still have no information on its possibility

Checkout the current develop version diffusers@0.30.0.dev0 there is a StableDiffusion3InpaintPipeline available

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To use SD3 for inpainting, start by adapting it with relevant training data and settings suitable for inpainting tasks. Fine-tuning involves adjusting training parameters and datasets to optimize results beyond the capabilities of older models like SD-inpainting. Explore training methodologies and adapt the model iteratively based on performance evaluations to achieve better inpainting outcomes.

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