How to prevent automatic redirection of repo url?


I had a repository (say repo β€œA”), renamed it (to say, repo β€œB”), and then deleted it. Then I created a new repo with the original name (β€œA” in this case) but HuggingFace still tries to redirect me to the deleted repo β€œB” when I try to follow the link for repo β€œA” because of its automatic redirection feature (when renaming repo β€œA” to β€œB”, links to β€œA” are redirected to β€œB”). Does anyone know how I can stop this redirection from happening, as I’d like to be able to view my new repository.


Hi @patrickramosobf ,

It’s due to the browser’s cache, it would work in another browser or after clearing the cache.

Though, we released a change that should fix it once & for all

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Hi! That change must have fixed it then, since the problem’s all good now without me trying to clear my cache yet. Thank you!